First Full Week of ….WORK?….lol…and Play

First week of work done….Wow….Now we sure don’t call that work.  Monday of this week we had the day off.  lol.  Tuesday Morning we showed up at the office at 9am.   I stayed their and Debby showed me simple things like taking the payment checks that were coming in, stamping them and putting them away in the drawer.   Then started answering the phone.   haha….didn’t know a lot but I took messages.   Talked to Lots and LOoooots of people.  So friendly.  Rich started his maintenance job and he has to go to the trailers that are rented, for the people who haven’t arrived  yet,  and do minor repairs.  He has a golf cart to use.  He has been fixing things like repairing light fixtures, towel bars, toilet bowl seals, and will also be fixing a drawer that has been ripped apart.  At noon time Deb tells us to go home.   Wow.   Such a long day.  We worked Wed. also.  Attended the Ice Cream Social Wed nite.   Home made ice cream…….Mmmm….Chocolate, Vanilla or Cookies and Cream….Yummmm….Oh….Almost forgot.  Tue was Bingo nite.   A card was only 50 cents for all evening.  haha…At that rate you can afford several.  Of course we never won.  If you did the prize was 50 cents for you and 25 cents for your neighbors.  Our neighbors never even won.   lol  That’s our luck……

Thursday we took the day off already…lol….Some very good friends of Tammys have been coming down here for a number of years.  Cheryl and Linda.  They were bus drivers for Tammy at First Student.  They are in another park.   Tammy had introduce them to us, and Cheryl said, give them a call and she would take us over the border….lol…So that is what we did Thur.  Cheryl picked us up and took us to Progresso.


In this picture we were just starting to walk the bridge….


We parked and walked over.   Rich was able to fill all his meds for a small fraction of what it cost in the states.   Also see many neat things for the kids, but this was just a learning trip. Cheryl was a great guide and took us all around and showed us how to navigate in Mexico…lol…another words,  where to go and where NOT TO GO…..Actually Progresso is really not a bad town to cross over to.  I never felt afraid.  It is full of tourists and the Pharmacias are really clean and well organized.

On the Mexican side, the people were holding their hats through the bridge and asking for money.  Some were just asking to throw money over.

First Picture, we were on the Mexican side getting ready to walk back, 2nd Pic.  Back on USA side.  Pic of Progresso border.

After that Cheryl took us to a Resturant in Donna on the Texas side.   It is a place where word of mouth has made it popular with the Winter Texans.   That is our name ya know…lol..It is called Gonzales Grocery…..but it has only one shelve of grocerys and it is really a grill restaurant.   They only serve hambergers, cheeseburgers, fries and onion rings….but OMG…they are huge.   I took some pics but not the best.  We will be going back again.  We had so much fun with Cheryl and learned a lot.  She was a great tour guide.

So today was the last work day of the week…lol…Imagine that.   I don’t even think I put in 11 hours.  But next week, I’m sure I will.  People are still coming in and they won’t be full till everyone shows up after first of the year.   Everything is almost rented.  Only several good sites left and then they have some others they might rent, but the pads haven’t been redone.   All the pads are concrete 10×40, A really nice size.


There are so many activities going on all the time.  Your as busy as you want to be.  They also have a Woodcarving group that meets twice a week.  I thought I would show you some of their work on display.   These Hummingbirds and Morning Glorys are wood and absolutely beautiful.  Love the shades of blue.



Now this aquarium is AWESOME.  It has no glass and is made up of mostly wood fish.


Tina this is your kind of Aquarium.  lol….only have to dust it.  It is so neat.  So much work in all these fish.  When you first look at it you don’t realize their is no glass.

I am going to start posting some of the flowers and trees around the park.  So beautiful.  Everything is blooming….


This is a grapefruit tree, just full of fruit.  They are all over.  The next picture is a house plant up north.  Rubber Tree plant I think we call it.  I never had any luck with them.   They are growing all over as bushes.

First picture is of the huge cactus and the second is an interesting tree with fruit near the top.  Don’t know what it is, but I will be finding out.

They have had a good rainy season, which is not normal they say.  Usually when some of the people come down in Nov, the grass is brown, but it is a nice healthy green.  Every morning it is really wet and full of dew, very humid.  But it drys up pretty fast.  So now the weekend is upon us.  Don’t have any plans yet.  Just take it a day at a Time.


One thought on “First Full Week of ….WORK?….lol…and Play

  1. Sounds like a good week was had. If we send you some cash, would you get us some things from Mexico? I would send the cash to ship too. If so, I would let you know and you can price it and let me know. Isn’t retirement grand.


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