McAllen Festival of Lights Parade….With 14 Large Helium Balloons



Yesterday was a pretty fun day.  Started the day with Breakfast at the South Hall (Main Hall)….For $3.50 we had Biscuits and Gravy, eggs, bacon or sausage, pancakes and orange juice.  Had some great company.  Everyday you meet new people, and visit with the old.  The trouble is you forget all the names unless they wear their name tags.   Everyone gets name tags even us….Ours have our names and Workampers….Everyone else has their name and the state they are from.   Rather nice I think, to know where everyone is from.



After that, we went to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot and a Thrift Store.   I got out my craft stuff to make the mosaic bricks and found out I forgot all my tools….lol…go figure…It was the last thing we packed, about 2 hours before we left.  I just threw it in.  We are having a Christmas Craft Bizarre coming up, and I am going to try to sell some.  So Rich made me drive so I could get my directions down pat.   All the shopping is done at the other edge of town by the interstate.  It is rather congested, but not to bad.  I managed quite fine.  After that we came home and I started getting my bricks ready for my projects.  At breakfast we had decided to go with our neighbors to McAllen for their Festival of lights Parades.  They have been advertising all week on tv.  They had 14 large aerial balloons and 40 floats.  So at 4 we left for McAllen.   Traffic was horrible the closer we got, and the funny thing none of us knew where we were going.  Rich had been their and hauled produce many years ago, so we headed for downtown.  When traffic stopped, we parked and started walking….About a mile later, we arrived….lol…Took our chairs and sat down.  So here are the pics from the parade…..


These were the pics from the walk along the Boulevard where the floats were lining up.  The Budweiser Clydesdale Horses were  their.  3 Semis were parked along the curb  and the horses were all out hitched up and getting groomed and ready for the parade…

Next we past the big balloons in a parking lot ….ready and Waiting…\Dusk arrived around 6 and the first parade events started at around 6;15.

The Budweiser Clydesdales were first and the Santa Balloon…

This guy just didn’t want to stand up….He kept falling over…..Nemo was really cool…

The turtle was so cute….The second one was from Frozen…

The second pic is of 3 ornament balloons….really cool…

Don’t know what this guys name is, but he was really awesome…

The Shrek, he was really big….and one of the Angry Birds




How about the Grinch…..He was another really huge one….Notice the guy standing at the base of him trying to keep him standing….lol

The first one is rather hard to see but it was a River Boat, complete with smoking stakes….It was really nice….

My Absolute Favorite is Kermit the Frog….He was huge and so cool….


Bringing up the rear of course…………SANTA CLAUS……

They had some trouble with some of the balloons keeping them up.  The wind would blown them around.  But so so cool. Many of the Balloon’s had spot lights on them….They had spotlights mounted on motorized carts in-between the floats and balloons shining in the sky and on the balloons  The local TV station had advertised that some of the balloons had been in the Macy Day parade.  Another thing really cool but I don’t think it showed up very good in pictures, was the bands.   Many very good bands, and they were all decorated with lights.  The kids had lights around their hats, necks, down their arms and legs around their waists and even their instuments.  The big horns had lights around their largest part of the horn and down around their instrument.  Towards the end of the evening, my phone was running down, so missed some of the balloons.  There were many others I never took pictures of….But I got the Best ones I think…

It was a great evening.  Then we had to walk all the way back….Whoah…so far and we were so tired.  Finally got back to the truck and Larry made his way out of town.  Just as we started driving, it started raining….It rained hard all the way back….Oh No….remembered I left the jeans on the line at the laundry room outside….Hahaha….I guess , Pray for sunshine today…..





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