The Wood Crafters Show….Wow…Talent Was Amazing….

Last Saturday, Rich and I and Cici and Larry went to a Woodcarving Show in San Juan.  Woodcarving is really big down here.  Our park doesn’t have a very big group, but in other Parks it is huge. Twice a week we get together to carve for almost 2 hours.  I of course had to try it.  Another Challenge.  So I have been going and using Cici’s tools.  I have been rather impressed with myself that I can do this.  So, we all decided to attend this show as our teacher, Al had a booth for his items to sell and show.  Al is so knowledgeable and talented at woodcarving.wp-15856165858617202808969433140616.jpg

This is a project of his that he entered into the contest.  Many of these carvings were hard to tell they were wood.   Their was a fabulous collection of Canes

I have acquired a cane collection after I seen my friend Debby’s cane she brought back from Jamaica. She brought me a cane the next time she went on a trip to Jamaica.  It is beautiful.  Its’ all wood with a beautiful Parrot carved on top.  So since then Rich and I started collecting canes.

They had displays of product for sale.  The finished item would be on top, and the rough block would be stacked underneath.  That was you could see what it would look like when finished.  Now I was intrigued with the entwining  hearts.  That is the one I bought.  I am making good progress on it.  Hopefully when it is down it will sort of look that the picture….lol…I hope….

Here is some more examples of what was on display.  The parrot was fabulous. Hard to tell it was wood.

Now this is relief carving…This picture started as a slab of wood and is dimensionally carved and then painted or stained….I’m very intrigued with this and hope to try it.wp-15856168846176722762221616063909.jpg

Another really fun this to do is make flowers out of twigs….We call her the flower lady….lol…She had some fabulous displays of bouquets.  She was showing her talents as we watched…She just grabbed a twig and just sliced away and  …..amazing just like that….. a flower….Then would just use acrylic paints, water colors or just spray them…Anything goes….So so Beautiful….So after we had looked all through the displays, I made my final purchase…..Just what I was looking for….MY OWN SET OF BEGINNERS TOOLS…..haha…….Cici, I don’t have to use yours anymore….Thank You for letting me use yours all this time….What a fun and interesting day it was.

The next day we decide to go to the RV Show in Mercedes.  It was a pretty good size show.  They had 4 really nice Class A motorhomes, one I would have liked to buy….haha…Only if I had $322,000.00….Guess I will stick with mine.  Also some Class C, motorhomes (ones with the truck front end)…many pull trailors.  They had quit a few Park Models.  Now those we really enjoyed going through and really not that expensive.  You could buy one of them for $50,000.  Really cute.  But my favorite was the  3 Axle Toy Hauler.   Now that was really living….

It of course had the back ramp to be used as patio also.  The restroom was in the back area as well as the tv and back door.  Anything the kids might need to be out of your hair….lol…Then in the main living area was a beautiful kitchen, and sofa area with nice size tv.  a ladder for the kids to get to the bunk area up above.wp-15856169691607357026371438563964.jpg

Up the stairs was the master bedroom and bathroom.  Gorgeous.  But the most awesome thing was the Living area had not only the main door to go out side but another door to go out to the sunporch located on the side.  It had a fold down TV and a Frig on the porch area…..Now that is…… LIVING…. all for around $90,000.00….but It would need a really big pick up to pull it.  Rich said it would have to be a Ton truck….lol….Boy I can see those dollars roll by…

Rich and I both have new toys now. I bought a bike at Walmart, and he has found a bike for him.  I have had mine now since right after Christmas.  I have been using it for my transportation to the office everyday as long as it doesn’t rain…wp-15856169992861619110922433984547.jpg

So last nite we took a bike ride with Cici and ended up at Dairy Queen….lol..  A lot of good it did to go Bike riding…….but that is what we are going to try to do everyday now….Go bike ridding…. Not Dairy Queen though….hahaha…..On the way, we seen this sign at an Electrical plant entrance.wp-158561702450514913489156736510.jpg

I thought it was good for a few laughs.   I asked someone, as I am naive down here to many things….Do they really have  “KILLER BEES”  …  The answer was “NO”….Hope their telling the truth.wp-15856170410501570932765225278475.jpg

So here is a Beautiful Hibiscus Flower.   Cici picked it and was wearing it in her hair.   The bushs are just growing all over down here and blooming….The flowering  plants just never seem to stop…


The most Beautiful Sunrise I’ve seen………But only for a moment and then it dissipated …..The beauty that we see everyday is everywhere………OPEN YOUR EYES………TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK…ITS ALL AROUND YOU…..


One thought on “The Wood Crafters Show….Wow…Talent Was Amazing….

  1. You are sure keeping busy and we can’t wait to see your wood carvings and all the things you have learned to do. You are so talented.


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