Rich Has Been Home a Month…..Time to Catch Up

Rich finally made it home from Illinois, right after Thanksgiving.  Three months of living at Scott and Brandys and driving truck, hauling grain to the elevator, was enough.  He was ready to leave.  The weather had continually deteriorated.  It seemed like it rained almost every week.  Then it would take a day or two for the fields to dry to get the equipment in.  The temperature dropped.  Even time for a winter coat.  It was a very late harvest this year compared to the norm.  We weren’t prepared for that.  But at last, their last day was just before Thanksgiving.   He had Thanksgiving with the kids and finished up a few things and took off.


They all enjoyed having him home I’m sure.  The house was full of all the kids and their familys and some other friends.  Now if you look close in the corner, you’ll see the Christmas tree up already.  It is sitting on top of what was the dog kennel for Chaos…..Carly decorated it for Christmas.



Tammy bought little wooden house kits.  Carly painted and assembled them.  Then they used Christmas drape for the ground, gems, my old Christmas village people and animals and assembled a village.  Then she sprayed snow on the buildings and hung little lights from the top.  It is just adorable.  It is big enough, Carly can actually get in….lol….She loves to do artistic things.  She definitely has a great imagination.


The one thing I don’t miss is the mess of the kitchen…This is what it looked like every holiday after the meal.  Such a mess…..Now its Tammy’s Mess……lol….


But they did have a good time and the kids and Aunt Connie, Uncle Brian, Cousin Ashley, Matt and their 2 little girls, Vivian and Adalyn, and of course Aunt Beth.  They had a house full.


He was also able to enjoy Halloween at the bar.  Scott and Brandy really decorate the bar up good.  They hang all the Ghosts and Goblins  from the ceilings and lights.


It looks really cool.  And Here is some of the patrons on Halloween…..


Yes, they do have fun.  Usually he has Karaoke or a band on Fridays or Holidays.  IMG_20170928_143930003

So Rich was in Illinois about 3 months working the Harvest for Corn and Soy Beans.  He has worked for this farmer now for several years.  He drives the semi after its loaded from the field to the elevator.  The farmer farms around 4,000 acres in corn and soybeans.  The acreage is spread around several counties, some as far as 40 miles away.  So it takes a lot of road time to get the crops to the elavater to the field. When they were at their farthest, they had 3 trucks on the road making rounds.


This is the combine with the bean head on it.  They were combining the soy beans here.



Then the combine dumps into the wagon that is being pulled by a tractor.


Next the tractor and wagon drives up to the truck and trailer which is sitting along side the road.  The tractor then dumps his load into the trailer behind the semi.  When the semi is full, it is driven to the elevator to dump.


Here is McNabb Elevator from the park.  They seem to add another bin every year.  When we first moved to town in 1978 most of these weren’t here.


This was the old office.  It looks so small now being surrounded by the grain bins.  When we first moved to town in 1978, we were just a few houses from here.  This office was then a very busy place.  The truck scales were right were the green Artic Cat boxes are.  It was sold and now artic cat snowmobiles, golf carts, and 4 wheelers are now sold their.


This is the new office that was built a number of years ago.  Theirs nothing like living in a farming community.  In the fall you can hear the dryers running day and nite, drying the crops…..You will find a layer of red corn dust over your vehicles as it flies through the air.  Its on the sidewalks and porch’s and can track in the house.  Yes, nothing like living in town and enjoying the farm life…..


Some of the fields were on the other side of the  Illinois River.  This is a cool shot of the River with the Railroad bridge.  Rich is on I 39 heading north.


One day he seen Tammy and he picked up Carly for a ride back to McNabb.  She loved it.


Rich took this picture of an arial picture hanging in the elevator.  Its a pretty cool picture of McNabb.  The elevator and office are in the foreground.  Main st. looks very short.  You can see Scotts Bar on the corner.  The town actually extends about 2 blocks north in the picture.  That would be to the left.  This is what a town of 350 people look like.


So finally the harvest season was done.  This was a really nice picture Rich took.  He made a nice little nest egg, and he bought a new to us car.  Now i’m living in luxury.


Electric seats and windows and even an automatic transmission.  I don’t have to drive the farmer truck anymore…….It has crank windows, manual seat and manual transmision.  So Their it is.  A Chevy Equinox.  It the grayish one.  It is sleet raining at Scotts house.  Finally Rich was ready to leave.  He decided that he wanted to bring down his custom bike.

Richs custumHe built it a number of years ago.  It is made from scratch, piece by piece. He even molded the fenders to fit.  It took several years to put together due to the cost of course.  It sure doesn’t come cheap.  It has a lot of really cool detail to it.   It has been sitting down in Scotts basement for 3 years now.  So he rented a U-Haul to bring it down.

20171204_091754.jpg  He left on Sat. and arrived Sunday evening.  Its a long way to drive for one person.  He was tired.  Well when he arrived it was warm.  A cold front came in the next day and GUESS WHAT…….IT SNOWED


It was the first time since 2004.  We couldn’t believe it.


When you walked out side, I smelled that old familiar cold crisp smell.  Even after not having snow for 3 winters I realized after 5 minutes, it was enough….lol….

The schools were starting late due to winter warnings……They were all excited.  The newscasters were loving it.  They kept quoting the history of the last snow falls.  But…..Now the Winter Texans….That’s a different story….We were not happy about it….


This was my drive up to the office.  It actually accumulated on the window and it was still snowing.  The palm trees and all the tropical plants had snow on them….


It was pretty though…But the funniest thing to see was …..People in the Hot Tub….These teens in the tub were from Wisconsin visiting their Grandma Debbie.  Nothing stopped them.  If you notice their was a fog coming off the pool area……Fortunately it didn’t last long.  It melted later that day.  So Rich unloaded the bike, the next day we took the trailer to U-Haul…..He was glad to be back in the warmth…..Well, he had to wait a few more days…..hahaha…..

Now it was only several weeks till Christmas.  Tammy, Cameron, Cassidy and Carly came for Christmas.  We had a lot of fun and was busy every day.  We didn’t get to do everything we wanted because of the weather, but they had fun.  That will be the next blog….

All about Tammy and the kids and us at South Padre Island for Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Rich Has Been Home a Month…..Time to Catch Up

  1. So glad Rich is back with you and had a good trip. Looks like the bike made the trip well and have a great time on it. Another great blog. Even some snow to remind you of WHY we go south.


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