Winterfest at South Padre Island on The Gulf

Winterfest is held every year on the island.  It is an all day music festival of 5 musical groups that are playing in the Valley for the winter.  Last year we went and the weather was so cold.  They had it in the indoor water park at Schlitterbahn.  It was still cold   They had patio heaters running but it didn’t help.  I usually get a pair of tickets free as its one of the perks with the job.  Rick from Schlitterbahn came up and gave me my bundle of tickets to sell in the park.  He is the manager or chairperson for Winterfest.  As the date came closer we realized it would be warmer weather.  We decided to spend the nite at Schlitterbahn.  They were running a special of $59  for a nite.   Great way to spend the evening.  Finally the day came and the weather turned out to be beautiful.  It was a little chilly but sunshine blue sky and no clouds.  We met some friends their.  Ron and Theresa Fisher our friends from AdventurelandS met us their, and Alice and Tom met us also.  20170125_115012.jpg

We enjoyed watching and listening to the bands at the Outdoor Water Park.  It was a beautiful outdoor Tropical setting.  We were served a Shrimp or Chicken Basket from Shrimp Haus.  Then we decided to take a walk to the crossover bridge that took us to the beach on the Gulf.20170125_115134.jpg

This is the bridge view from the concert area.  The water park of course is drained right now for the winter.  We took a walk up the stairs behind the stage area to get to the bridge.


From the top of the stairs we had a great view of the Concert area.  Onward we went, all 5 of us, as Tom stayed back.  He can’t walk that far.   We crossed over the bridge and the boardwalk extended a long distance ahead stopping at the beach with the ocean lapping on the sand…..20170125_133033.jpg

What a beautiful view it was.  Left to Right.  Alice from Maryland, Theresa and Ron from Nebraska, and Rich.  Were all Eastgate folks…….We headed on down the boardwalk to the Gulf.  20170125_133548.jpg

It was a beautiful day, a little windy and beautiful blue sky.  The sand was so pretty and the sea gulls were flying around enjoying the wind and the waves.


The view up the beach to the hotels was so beautiful.  The haze in the air made the hotels look so magical.  People were just walking and enjoying the sun, water and the sounds of the waves lapping on the beach.  Rich found a chair that someone carried down from the Water Park….lol….received_1354518004569754.jpeg

Theresa snapped this picture.  One of the few pictures that I allow of me…….


We walked back up to the Concert   This is the view from the top of the bridge over the drained Water Park.  20170125_115045.jpg

We went back to our seats by Tom.  This was the view of Schlitterbahn Water Park from our table.   We stayed for the rest of the performances.  20170207_075654.jpg

This is John Sager.  He is a performer from Branson.  Very Popular in the Valley.  He is an Awesome singer and has won many Awards.  The last performers were the Port Isabel Mariachi Band.   They were awesome also.  Wonderful musicians and singers and only High School.  They played last year also.  We all finally left, and stopped at the Schlitterbahn Resort to check in.  Alice and Tom and us were staying the nite, and Theresa and Ron heading home.  But not before we had supper together.  We headed to Louie’s Backyard.


Its a really cool restaurant on the Bay side of the Island.  Most everyone had the Sea Food Buffet.  Of course I don’t like fish so I had Prime Rib.  After a great dinner and conversation we all left.20170125_182519.jpg

Outside was a Catamaran taking off with a party group.  The music was blaring and laughter in the air.  Such a beautiful Sunset.  The lights on the boat were so pretty as it went floating by.  Finally we said goodbye to Theresa and Ron as they were driving back to Harlingen.  Tom and Alice and us went back to the hotel to enjoy a peaceful evening in our hotel room.  In the morning we headed back to Harlingen 20170124_140710.jpg

We have been doing crafts on Tues.  This is our latest one.   I’ve been trying to do things cheaply and using recycle.  These are water bottle made into Whirlygigs.  They are colored with permanent markers.


This is the finished product.  Really easy and very cute.  Great project for kids….lol

or Seniors????


Happy New Year! Where Did Dec. Go

December is almost over, in fact it might be after I get this posted….lol…We’ve done so much in the park already.  The park is almost full.  Some have driven or flew home for the holidays, including Canadians.  They are starting to return now.  After January 1st, they will all be back.  The ones who don’t come till after the holidays will probably all come by next week.  We’ve been ……BUSY BUSY BUSY…..We scheduled a Downtown Historical Jackson Street walk.

It was a beautiful day.  Harlingen offers this tour every Saturday to the public free of charge.  Over 20 murals to see, and so much history.  We did this as an Eastgate tour.  Its so nice for everyone to be together.  Lunch after of course.  20161216_092729

Racheal from SegValley Tours came for Coffee and Donuts and brought one Segway.  After her demonstration, she invited everyone to try it out in the parking lot.


Margene who is 84 and her daughter Kathlynn, and Rachael, owner of SegValley Tours

So much fun was had by all.  This was their chance to fulfill their bucket list.  Next we had our Annual Golf Cart Christmas Parade and after was Ice Cream and Singing Carols.


The carts were all decked out in Christmas lights and decorations.  A group of ladys walked ahead of the carts dressed as the Reindeer and sang Christmas Carols.  They traveled all over the park ending at the hall for the rest of the party.  Of Course Santa was their too….fb_img_1482885997722

We had our Christmas Dinner, with platters of ham and everyone bringing a dish or two to serve at their table.  Also the table decorating contest.  fb_img_1482885968815

They all out did themselves this year.  The tables were beautiful, from fun and festive, to beautiful and elegant.  This was the first place winner.  Great group of people who put so much effort into their Gingerbread Truck and Camper.  The hill was also lite up with lights.  Awesome Job.  mistys-family

Rich’s brother John came down from Illinois to be with his daughter and family from New Braunfels Tx.  Its about 5 or 6 hours away.  They met down on South Padre Island for Christmas.  We went down the following day and spent the nite.  Misty, Mark and the kids had a great time on the beach. mistys-family2

They enjoyed fishing on the jetty.  The fog was pretty thick that morning.


You could see it just come in and blow through the island.  It was hanging pretty low.  This was an awesome picture of the fog covering the lower part of the hotel.  The top part just appeared out of the fog like a ghost.  20161227_140444

Also the  Pirate Ship cruise went by.  It was rather spooky too with the fog that was present.  They offer games and pirates fighting.  A very authentic feeling of a pirate ship.  After Mistys family went back home, John and Glenda came by and spent 2 nites.  We took them to Progresso Mexico for their first time every.20161230_140634.jpg

They had a great time.  It is quite an experience for anyone.  We sat down at the Red Panty Bar on the tables on the street.20161230_151341.jpg

Ordered a few drinks and Glenda took it all in.  Street musicians playing drums and trumpet as well as a man playing guitar behind us. 20161230_162333.jpg

Now this is what every women loves including me of course…lol…..Shopping for jewelry from the street vendors. 20161230_143754.jpg

Now this was in a store for sale.   Beautiful isn’t it. The price on it is $250.  I love it.  Now if I had a house, …….and a little extra money, I would certainly remodel my bathroom around this toilet.  They also have sinks… The following day we went to the 77 Flea Mkt.  It is so big you can’t see it all in one day.20170101_001557.jpg

Rich did find a new pal.  This is for Scott and Brandy at the bar.  Were not sure if its a “Sally or Sam”….lol….Scott already has “Bones and Trixie”, so this will be a nice addition to the family.  We spent New Years Eve with a group of friends.

We spent the nite with a fire pit and Tom smoked a brisket…..At midnite the fireworks in town were huge.   They went off in all directions.  The next day we heard a lot of people woke up because of all the noise.  Happy 201720161221_183321

Some of the lights of our park.  This is 2 Mesquite Trees.  The owners have them decorated so beautifully.  They are near the entrance and give the park a great impression when you pull in…..20161221_183704

This camper is in the RV section.  It is beautiful and complete with music as you drive by.

“Happy New Year 2017”

……May it be everything You Want it to Be…..



One Month at Eastgate

We’ve been at Eastgate about a month now.  It already seems like we never left.  We arrived on Sunday and quickly settled into our jobs on Monday.  So much to be done.  The weather has been beautiful, in the 80’s and beautiful blue sky.  Every day more and more people pull in.   Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, pull Trailers, and the ones that own mobiles.  Every time someone comes in, you look to see if you know them.  And everyone is always asking and waiting for their friends from last year to show.  You hope they all were healthy and can come back.  And then comes all the New Ones.  They’re all so anxious to finally be here after days and days on the road.


We did have a storm front come through one night.  The winds suddenly picked up around 9:30 pm.  Rich was watching out the window and our stakes to the sunscreen came out and then a support pole broke.  We ran out into the blinding rain and wind and unzipped the sunscreen from the canopy.  It was over in about 20 minutes.  The winds were gusts of 54 mph.  Fortunately it was warm rain, but the wind took your breath away and the rain just beat through your clothes instantly.  Immediate feeling of a drowned rat….lol….All was good in the morning.  Rich fixed the bent poles and all was fine.  Now Cathy another workamper didn’t fare so well.  She lost her whole awning.  Now that’s expensive.


Time now to start enjoying the luxury of southern living.  One of our 2 hot tubs….This one is maybe 100 feet from our campsite.  Rich started working in the rentals.  Many of these trailers seem to develop soft spots in the floors after time.  That is his first project, pulling up a carpet in the living room and fixing the floor that is disintegrating.  Then he will also be replacing a bathroom sink and the kitchen sink.  I busily started to plan our season of activity.  The board usually does the everyday schedule and I arrange the outside trips and special events within the park.  Our first event was Veterans Day Breakfast.  All Vets ate free.


2 little girls and their parents were invited to come.  Launa 4, and Pearl 2.  Their parents have been teaching them what a veteran is.  So they wanted to come and meet them and give them a bag of candy.  They were so sweet.  After presenting all our Veterans, we gave them a copy of a poem we read and the girls gave them candy.  Then the girls took the mic and sang our National Anthem.  Then Launa put her hand over her heart and said the Pledge to the Allegiance.  They were just so amazing.  Their was a few misty eyes let me tell ya.  It was so touching….These are wonderful parents to teach their children at such a young age about our heritage of our country.  Their an Amazing example of Great parenting. 


We just finished Thanksgiving.  We had cooks this year, we didn’t cook….Hurray…We have a wonderful NEW RESIDENT that has only been here 2 weeks.  She had agreed to cook last Sept.  She didn’t even know us yet….lol…Paulette and her Husband moved from Houston.  Paulette and Roberta, another good friend here, cooked 7 turkeys, dressing and gravy from scratch.  We served 112 people this year, up from last year.  Our park is full this year.  No more prime sights available.  Many people go out or go the South Padre Island for the Holiday.  They did an awesome job.  Thank You so much girls.  Your so Appreciated.


Everyone brought their own table decorations.  Some elegant, some fun.  Then we have the fun ones, the ones we love to laugh with, cause we know every time their around, they will do something crazy…..


This table was so pretty.  They used regular brown paper for the cloth and handed out crayons to color and write what they were thankful for…..Great Idea….Actually, if you didn’t see our faces, you’d think many of us were children.  lol.  We have reverted to childhood.


We also had a more somber moment.  We lost several more residents this summer and the families and friends wanted to plant 2 different trees in their memory.  So our new area that the Garden Club was going to develop, took a new and much more meaningful path. A MEMORY GARDEN.  A Miniature Bottle Brush Tree and a Pine Tree were planted and 2 plaques were installed in their memory.  It will be a beautiful area with room for more if needed.

I attended the Convention in Mission with Sandy.  It was for the Park Managers and Activity Directors.  You could obtain info on services and fun stuff that you can offer your residents.  We received lots of free stuff as well as making many contacts.  I was surprised at how many places I already knew of and new many of the people because of last years contacts.


Seg Valley was also their.  They offer tours all over the Valley including South Padre Island.  I worked for Racheal and Brian last year on Sundays at DonWes Flea Mkt.  Brian has now attached LED lighting to the Segways…..Amazing….Can’t wait to see it at nite.  It was so good to touch base with them.  They will be coming to the park in a few weeks for our Friday morning Coffee and Donuts.  They will do a talk and demonstrate the Segway.  Then outside people can try it out.  I can’t wait to a ride again.  They’are so much fun.  I will be scheduling a ride on the Island soon.  This time the beach.


Now we had a new trailer come in couple of weeks ago.  This is what we all do…..Gather around and sit at a trailer and watch…lol…Entertainment….So now Thanksgiving is over.  Time to take down decorations and Decorate for Christmas.  This is always a fun time.  Well all be doing that next Thursday.  Our park is very full this year due to the reduced rates our Park Owner has offered.  He also gave the Canadians the cost at Par.  That means they pay the price at their money rate.  They save lots of money that way as their dollar is worth much less than ours, so we have many new Canadians, even French Canadians.


Now I don’t want to make you feel bad, but this is South Padre Island…SPI….It is only about a half hour away……Beautiful beach’s………Beautiful Blue Ocean


I’ll finish with a new family picture that Tina, Ed and the kids had taken.  This is just 1 of many.  They were so so good……And of course Dexter is so cute….







Our Valentine Day Cruise at Padre….

On Fridays, we have Coffee and Donuts in the South Hall with a short program from an invited outside guest.  In early February, Breakaway Cruises from South Padre Island was invited.  They told us of all the cruises they offer, Dolphin Watch, The Thriller, Pirate Ship, Deep Sea and Bay Fishing, Port of Brownsville, and Dinner Cruises.  They were offering tickets at special prices.  Rich and I,  and Debby and Rick (park managers) decided to buy tickets for the special Valentines Day Dinner Cruise.  It would be a 2 hour cruise in the bay, not the Gulf side, with dinner on the top deck.  NICE…….


On Saturday afternoon, we arrived around a half hour early for our 4 o’clock cruise.  It was such a beautiful day.  It seems like every time we had been to South Padre Island, it was overcast.  Today would be the most beautiful day we had ever been their……Sunshine and Warm…..We boarded the boat finally after we watched them load all the food and dinner supplies.  Usually this boats capacity is much more, but for this Dinner Cruise, they limited it to 25.  The tables were all set up on the top deck, with table cloths and Valentine decorations.


This was a beautiful private boat, that was docked near ours.  Notice the bench’s on the upper part of the boat?….Just imagine cruising through the water sitting up their watching the sunset, feel the boat swaying to and fro,  and the wind blowing through your hair with the sun beating on your face…………DREAM ON……..


We finally pulled away from the dock and began our cruise.


Across the aisle was 2 other couples from the Park.  Gloria and her husband, and Marilyn and her husband.  We followed the Island to the mouth of the Port of Brownsville. 


We watched as the Island became just a levee of concrete and rocks, with the Gulf on the other side.  The sea gulls were flying everywhere.  Finally we turned and headed towards the Port of Brownsville.


As we headed in we passed a Shrimp boat heading out to the Gulf.  Ahead of him was also a tug boat.


As we road along, their was also a Party Boat following us, doing the same trip.  Behind the party boat, you can see the dredges working on keeping the mouth of the Port cleaned out.

As we cruised the waiter began the dinner.  First we were served our drinks, water, soda, tea, or beer.  Our dinner was served.  First came our dinner salad.  Then we had a choice of Encrusted fish or chicken, with shrimp and peppers on a bed of rice.  Next we were given a small plate of fruit, consisting of grapes, strawberries, and watermelon.  Last, we had a marvelous piece of Cheesecake.  All this time we are just gently cruising in this beautiful sunshine with the gentle breezes blowing.


Finally, we turned and headed up by Port Isabel.  We passed by an old oil rig that had been towed in from the sea.  It was waiting to be towed down river to the scrap yards.  You can see on the left the heliport.

On we went nearer to Port Isabel.  The sun was now getting lower in the sky……Beautiful….


We passed some of the shrimp boats docked by the side.


We went by a portion of Port Isabel that is an island.  It is only accessible by a bridge.  It was full of homes that all had water access at their back doors.  What a beautiful place to live.


Finally we were back in the bay area near the causeway that crosses from Port Isabel to the Island.  Such a Beautiful Sunset…..


We passed the Pirate Ship, that had been out on their cruise and was coming back…..We haven’t been on that one yet, but we did in Cancun.  This one is similar, as the staff is all dressed as pirates, and their is some “battles”  ….lol…AYE…..or so I hear….


Finally we cruised up towards our dock area, passing the downtown area of the island, passing the tall Hotel in the distance.


Such a beautiful  Sunset cruise……On a Beautiful Saturday Evening…..The end of a Beautiful Day at South Padre Island…….

Tale of a New Frig & Winterfest

Last year, while we were here in Southern Texas, our 4 door frig that runs on propane or electric started having problems.  It was toward the end of our stay here.  We called an RV repair person, recommended by our friend.  The electronic board was going out or the “mother board”.  It would take a week or 2 to order and have it come in, so he offered to let us use a used one that he had and we would replace it this year.  This summer, the door broke on the hinge.  It was on the frig side, not the door.  So we decided to just replace the whole fridge with a regular residential frig.  Now keep in mind this frig has to go in and out the door or through a window.  To come in the door it had to be under 29″ wide, with out the door, and the height could be no taller than 64″.  The frig sits on top of the furnace. Sounds easy right?….lol…4-dr-refrigeratorSo several Saturdays ago, we spent the day looking for a nice black frig that would fit.  We went to Conns, here in town and checked. Found one fairly reasonable.  We decided to ride down to Brownsville also to check out Best Buy.  They had one also but not deliverable for several weeks.  We went back to Conns.  Now we were set to order it, but they were going to charge us $75 delivery charge as it was coming from McAllen.  Even if they dropped it at the store, still the charge.   That just set the price over the one in Brownsville.  So we were discouraged, and home we went.  Then the light went on….HOME DEPOT…..Now we knew that.   lol….We went out and found one and ordered it.  Now how hard was that.  One week and it would be delivered FREE…..and less money than the others.  So the following week Rich prepared the frig for take out.  Several days before delivery, Rich took out all the food and pulled our frig out.  We have another frig outside.   Now their it sat in the Living room…. lol…It was almost to big to go out the door. So now for several days it sat their.  He put his recliner in the middle of the floor, so he could see TV.  lol..20160130_075136Finally the nite before, Rich took off the screen and part of the main door assembly and we Pushed…..Pushed….Pulled….Pulled….Turn it a fraction….Pick it up, Let it down….and finally SHOVE IT OUT….It made it out the door.  We did tear a piece of the dash, but it was out.  We started measuring and got out the paper work….GUESS WHAT…It was ordered in white….grrrrrrrrr….we wanted black.  We went back out to Home Depot.  And YES we were right….It was coming in white.   They told us that we had to refuse the delivery, and wait a day so it was returned to the warehouse.  Then come in and reorder.  So that is what we did.  We reordered and had to wait another week for delivery.  All this time now, we had no frig inside.  Do you know how it feels to get up in the morning and not have anything cold to drink?…Everything was outside.  Gees, you have to be dressed decent, just to go out the door.  We have neighbors about 10 feet away.   But we survived .20160127_165508In the meantime we went to “Winterfest” at Schlitterbahn Water Park, on South Padre Island.  It is an all day music festival with different entertainers every 45 min.

20160127_151912They were all the entertainers that come to the Rio Grande Valley for the winter entertainment at all the parks. They usually have a circuit and perform a different park almost every nite.  Our entertainment in Eastgate , is on Friday nite.  Many come from Branson Mo.  Some are closer.  Many are from RFD TV.20160127_135544Mario performed, early afternoon.  We have seen him several times.  He is from Branson.20160127_124701Another GREAT singer is John Sager, Also from Branson.  He was a wonderful singer and full of energy.  He is scheduled to come to our park next season.  Also a guy named Greg ?…..Already forgot.20160127_154816He used to sing at the Play Boy Club years ago.  He was an Elvis impersonator and some others.  Once his voice was warmed up, he could really belt out a song.  Very Powerful.  The very last performance was the local High School.20160127_163920They had a Mariachi Band.  These kids were so talented.  They sang and played their traditional music.  It was Awesome.  It was a fun day, but it was cold.  They moved it inside by the indoor water park at Schlitterbahn, but it was still a very chilly day.20160127_121538The best part was, all the gift shop items was 50%  off…….Wow….That’s my price.   I bought a Tie-dyed zipper sweatshirt for $12.50.20160212_085153Several visors for $2.50 each.  Another pull over sweatshirt and Rich bought sweatpants and t-shirt, all for $10 each…..Great Day for bargains.  The best part was, our tickets were complimentary, as I was given some to sell for the park, therefore mine were free.   Some of the perks of this job.

Now all this week Rich has been working on the box that the frig would sit in.  It was now to wide for the new frig, but would just barely fit the height.  He took the side and made a narrow little pantry.

20160212_085246He made shelves top to bottom and we have clear plastic containers that are wide enough for cans.  Each one will slide out so we can see what is in the container.  Now he just has to make a door for it.  It will solve our can storage problem of them all jumbled together under the sink.  Finally the big day came.  We got the call.  The frig was on the way.  I had to go to the office, but that’s ok.  I really didn’t want to be their.   I knew it would be a very tight fit, and I wouldn’t be any help.  I just knew their would be a few choice words said….lol….So our friend Ken came over.  They took off the screen door again, and after some other adjustments they began.  Rich said it was an extremely tight fit through to door.  They pushed…pulled….brought it back out twice.  They problem is, as the frig goes through the door, the dash comes out and you have to turn it to clear the dash.  Finally after time, and some more small rips in the dash and a dent in the wood, it was in…..Now it had to fit in the new opening….Bingo….Fit like a Glove….Rich had to do some minor adjustments to the ceiling light, as the freezer door hit it, but it all worked out….I came home that day, Hoping it was in.   I was worried that we might still have to take out a window to take it through…..I looked outside…..Nothing….No sign of the frig, or the box.    Good Deal….It was In…and …It looks Marvelous, and20160211_172435



Schlitterbahn and Mario…lol..Another Great Evening….& My New Love Seat…

Last nite Rich and I and Cici and Larry took off for South Padre Island.  When Mario had been at East Gate we bought tickets for his Dinner show at Schlitterbahn Resort.  So we left at 4:30 and arrived around 5:30.   Rich and I had been their before scouting it out.  So we drove into to the park.   It is an outdoor Water Park, but is closed down till summer.  It also has a Restaurant and an outdoor entertainment center.  We thought that was were it was as the Restaurant is Open.  A Golf cart Taxi service was their to take the people from the parking lot to the Restaurant.  Then we found out we were at the wrong place.  lol.  Next door is an Indoor Water Park at the Schlitterbahn Resort.  So back in the truck we went.  Larry found a place to park right in front.   And guess who he parked in front of………MARIO…………wp-15856251305337852838746261213104.jpg

He loves to play a lot of the oldies from the Rat Pack Days……Frank Sinatra…….hence, his liscence plate.     Rat Pck  

We were seated at a table up front with 4 other people.  I might add, they had a Great sense of Humor….We did a lot of visiting and laughing together.  On the menu we had our choice of Garden Salad or Caesar Salad……Chicken Alfredo, Chopped Sirloin, or a Shrimp meal, and then a Brownie with whipped cream for dessert.   It was very filling.   Now our friends were just finishing their meal, and we were the last ones to be served.  I think actually we were forgotten about several times.   Rich and Cici were drinking Margaritas, so they were served some FREE ones…….by the time the evening was over, Rich had 7….and Cici had 3….Good Times….wp-15856252464357480988945157074215.jpg

Mario put on a Great Show as he did before.  I did a Blog on him several blogs ago so I won’t bore you with lots of info this time.  He did some new songs and material as well as some of the same.  It lasted till 9:30….

During the break, Cici and I went Exploring….lol…Gift Shop Stop.   and then the Indoor Water Park.  It is open on weekends and part of it is open to guests at the Resort.  There had been someone swimming when we first came.  If you look close, you will see bar stools where you can sit in the water and be served from the bar….Really cool…So pretty at nite.wp-15856253457245950036981604739292.jpg


They had an Indoor Carousel and some other rides for kids….Now Cici took this pic of me…..For some reason, I look like a Little Person……hahah…..

Also her is a picture of their really cool picnic tables….rugged and beautiful….and a shot of the bar looking toward the wave pool area…..We made it back from our little exploring trip just in time for the show to begin after the break….lol….After the show was done, Mario came by and talked with us a bit.  We had a waitress try to take a picture of us all, but the phone ….DIED…… Oh Well…It was a fun evening, but late……Work in the morning……but not till 9 am….not bad hours we have.

Also want to tell you about my New Love Seat.  This RV has had the most ….UNCOMFORTABLE….Leather Love Seat.   It is a Futon.  It looks nice but it is not for flopping down and rolling into a ball and watching tv.  I HATE sticking to leather.  It had a short seat depth.  I always sit sideways and put my feet at the other end….My feet kept falling off and I…… STICK…..Ugggggg……………wp-15856254642296321536803192188905.jpg

Last Saturday, we were driving around town and came upon a Second Hand Store.   Now it wasn’t really a store, more like an old storage building with a sign out front.  We decided to go in,……OH MY……We were greeted by the store owner lady.  “Come on In” she said….It was a little room …one lane walking area….In that room was her, the momma….grandma holding a baby, and 5 year old little girl, and a boy about 12…..I think they all just lived their….She said we could look around and back by the corner was another door.   We could go on back and look around…….Well of course, back we went……Through the door…..It reminded me of on those doors people go in…….and never come out…….lol…….Surprisingly their was a dim light.  Stuff everywhere.  No Organization…….stuff from close outs I guess.  One wall of I think at least 50 toilets seats still in pkgs……..This was nothing but an OLD old warehouse full of STUFF…..Their was another room off to the side….We wedged our way over to it.  Their was this Love seat that looked rather nice, but it was dark in side.   The husband now arrived.  I asked about it.  He opened the slidding board warehouse door to get some light….lol…..No Light bulbs I guess….Their was a matching sofa.  It was in excellent shape….surprisingly….lol….$199 for both, but he would deal….$99 for just the Love Seat.   lol    I think NOT….Finally made a deal with him…..$65 for trade with mine and delivery…..He would help put it through the door…….My biggest worry…wp-15856254902663000659838139246942.jpg

So back home we went.  First he took out the Passenger seat.   Now the Leather Love Seat.  It was screwed into the slide.  Oh boy, what a job.  First took off the back…Then the Seat…..Then found 9 screws that were at least 5″ long….some came out easy…some hard….some not at all…So Rich finally RIPPED it out….Got it out the door, and the guy pulls up with the new Love Seat.   Rich and him brought it in and it actually fit beautifully through the door.  So It all worked out

Im loving it…It is so soft…We had to work on the legs some as it is on the slide and we needed to put blocks on the front to build it up even.  But it is perfect for me….I can bounce and curl up and watch tv and nap at the same time….lol…wp-15856601198048092408050171610653.jpg

One final picture…..As Cici and I were walking around these beautiful bottles caught our eye.   They were sitting on the bar…..Gorgeous aren’t they…..


A Trip to Padre Island Today…..Dolphin Watching….Amazing

This is Saturday….It is an overcast but nice day…..The temperature will probably reach 75 degrees today.  We got ready and went to 8 am breakfast this morning at the South hall.  We have a little neighbor hood of 8 now….lol…We all sat together.  After that we had decided to take a trip with Cici and Larry, back to Padre Island.  This time we went Dolphin Watching.

We drove over to Padre Island and stopped first a Port Isabel, which is on this side of the Causeway.  We stopped at a Dolphin Watching port to check their prices.  Then we decided to drive over the causeway to Padre Island and check all the boats their.  There are plenty to chose from.  You can just Dolphin watch, or go fishing on some of the fishing boats.  Then your choices are fishing in the Laguna Madre, which is the water between the island and the mainland or Deep Sea Fishing.   You can take trips of  2 hours or 4 hours….Deep sea fishing can be 20 to 40 miles out, for half or a full day.   Its all just your choice as to what you want to do and afford.  So we decided to take the 2 hour Dolphin Watch Tour from Isla Tours….It was only $10 a piece.   What a Bargain.  It was a fabulous 2 hours.

We boarded the boat and set out.

First the deck hand let out the net.   They dropped a net into the water to catch fish.  Then they brought the net up and put the fish they caught in a bucket of water.  He then proceeded to describe and explain each fish.   He only caught 4, 2 were the same and then a starfish and something else that resembled a blob….lol…



Then we went out father to see the Dolphins


Along the way they were Parasailing.  We finally got to the area where the dolphins were and suddenly they were starting to surface…..One time we seen as many as 5 and 6 in a group….

They were so Awesome…..I took so many pics of them far away, that by the time they got close the phone went dead….Imagine that. I was so disappointed.  But we will be back….I’ll get some better ones yet.  After that the pilot took us over to the end of Padre Island where it opens to the Gulf of Mexico.   It was so beautiful.  The beach’s were beautiful.   It was still overcast.  I just can’t imagine what it looks like on a beautiful sun shiny day.  The sky and water would be so brilliant blue.

Here are some fun pics of us and Cici and Larry.

The Pirate Ship was docked near the restaurant where we ate dinner.  It was leaving so I ran and got a pic.   They are a dinner cruise.   Pretty neat ship…

And here is a pic of the fish that Rich Caught……….

Hahahaha…..He wishes…..He wants to do Deep Sea Fishing…..It is a Dream of his….His Bucket list…

After all of that we were hungry again…..Imagine that.   Back across the causeway to a restaurant by the bay.   Right across from the lighthouse that was built in the 1800s to guide the ships.



We will be going back again.   Especially on a nice sunshiny day.  So much still to see and do.

So what to do tomorrow????…..grrrrrrrrrrrrr…..Its laundry time….

A Beautiful Day at South Padre Island…..


Today is Saturday….Day of Play…lol…Guess that’s every day though isn’t it.   We decided to go to South Padre Island with Cici and Larry, our neighbors.  We’ve heard so many people talk about the island so we have been anxious to go.  We of course had to go up to the South Hall and have our Sat. morning breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon or sausage and pancakes.  After we ate, we all walked back and left for the island about an hour later.  Its only about 45 minutes to Paradise…….lol….On the way we passed through a town that turned out to be the home of Freddy Fender…..Would you believe it was San Benito, right up the road,  where I bought my Western dressing at Walmart…lol….Anyway, they had the info on the water tower.  Freddy Fender was a Country singer, who died in 2006.  Two of his hits were  Wasted Days and Wasted Nights…..and Before the Next Teardrop Falls…..

Not to much farther we arrived at Port Isabel…


The Queen Isabella Causeway is the second longest bridge in Texas at 2.37 miles long.  It is the only bridge connecting Port Isabel mainland with the Island.  It also carries all the fiber optics for electrical service.  South Padre Island is at its widest point is a mile and a half wide and has 34 miles of beach’s.  Our first stop was the visitor center.

Fabulous Sand Castle….Then on to Sea Turtle Inc.   At Sea Turtle Inc., our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured sea turtles, educate the public, and assist with conservation efforts for all marine turtle species.  We seen many turtles who had been rescued and are now permanent residents and some that are being rehabilitated to be released.

The first turtles we seen were in a huge pool.  Merry Christmas and Allison.  Merry Christmas was rescued in the late 1980s on Christmas Eve.  She will not be released due to some genetic defects.  She is the largest female sea turtle resident and is very friendly.  Allison is an Atlantic Green Sea Turtle.  She survived a predator attack on 2005.  She only had one remaining flipper.  She would swim in circles until in 2009, they designed a prosthesis for a rudder.  That enabled her to swim with her one flipper, but she will never be released.  She is a permanent resident also.  She is now on her 5th version of her prosthesis.  She has been featured in People Magazine, Discovery Channel and Today Show.   They were so awesome to watch.  They were together and needed a babysitter to watch them.  Merry Christmas likes to crowd Allison sometimes and hang on to her rudder.  She has had it pulled off.  Then an intern is called and has to go into the water and pull her to the surface and put it back on.  The sea turtles also need air to survive and if Allison looses her rudder she may not be able to surface.   She is allowed swim time for a certain amount of hours in a day, and then she has her own little tank to go in that is shallow and safe.

The next resident we met was Gerry.  He is in the largest tank their (20,000gallons) and Has a glass in the side for interaction from people and also be fed lettuce.    We all took our turns holding the lettuce in front so he could see it and then toss it up and over into the tank.   Gerry loves lettuce.  He eats over 500 heads of lettuce a year.  He is used as an educational turtle.   Gerry is world famous and has met Johnny Carson and David Letterman.  This is a fabulous place to see.  They are on fb and are in the process of  raising funds to build a much large educational center and hospital.


Next we went to the beach and just walked a bit.   It was a beautiful day.  Not a lot of people out, but it is really off season right now.  There best time of the year is Spring Break and of course summer.10846952_10203076641904633_1738863518_n


Our last stop was Birding and Nature Center.  It is situated on 50 acres of land.  It is their natural habitats, consisting of trees, streams, waterfalls, and marsh and sand dunes.  It has an elevated walkway through the areas all the way to the shore line and back.  We didn’t stay long, but we will be going back.  While their Cici and I went in and went to the top and took a few pics.10841522_10203076678025536_445482398_n



10841651_10203076671945384_2114704748_n      Of course by that time my phone died.   lol  We did see a huge gator sunning himself.  (Pic #2)  I thought he was fake but Cici said she seen it move.   Thought she was seeing things but finally…..She was right….He yawned….Later after we walked out, Rich and Larry had talked to someone, and we found out, that was the big daddy gator.   If we had taked the walkway around to the other side, we would have found the mom and 5 babys.   She had hatched 35, but daddy was hungry I guess.  They have him separated now.  This is a great place to go back to and just walk the boardwalk.  We also forgot our binoculars.  We did see many birds and butterflies.


I,m going to add just a few more pics.   Some homes and the water tower.  After that we were all so hungry, we stopped at an Italian Restaurant for sandwich’s and then headed home.   Now we have lots and LOTS of pamphlets for the next trip.   and Their will sure be one…….